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Please click Apply Now to start your loan application. As you complete the six easy steps of the online portion of your application, don’t worry about documentation. In most cases your best estimate will be sufficient.


REMINDER: The states we are approved to broker loans in are CA, WA, OR, and HI.

Documentation you will need:

  1. Social security number
  2. Copy of current drivers license
  3. Contact and employment information
  4. Best estimates of income, assets, and liabilities
  5. Two most recent Pay stubs and Copies of W-2′s for previous two years
  6. If self employed, past two years of Tax returns
  7. Bank for past two months
  8. Investment account statements for past two months
  9. Life insurance policy
  10. Retirement account statements for past two months
  11. Make/model of vehicles you own along with their resale value
  12. Credit Card account information
  13. Auto Loan account information
  14. Personal Loan account information
  15. If you currently own Real Estate:
    1. Mortgage Account information
    2. Home Equity Account information (if applicable)
    3. Home Insurance Policy information

After you have finished we will contact you to:

  1. Guide you through the loan process
  2. Complete your loan application package
  3. Help you select the best program and interest rate

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